HolztreppenOur standard: „Exclusiveness is included”. Designer Staircases, solid wood doors and luxury floorboards are examples of the heart of our exclusive production line, created with a passion for woodworking trades. We offer classical-, as well as modern designs, each attributed with timeless elegance and a unique personality. That constitutes markiewicz as an ideal partner for proprietors of modern lofts and contemporary developments, as well as projects including the reconstruction or preservation of villas, mansions, Art Deco buildings and palaces. Particularly the regal curved stairs with hand-carved handrails in Art Nouveau style are amongst the most technically demanding masterpieces we have produced. These and other workpieces have already been celebrated on the entire European market.

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DreznoThe luxury floorboards from markiewicz are individually crafted to meet the personal preferences and demands of our clients. The floorboards are available in a copious array of wood, beginning with domestic conifers such as European larch and Douglas fir over deciduous wood such as oak, ash and European beech to more exotic types such as Kosipo, American walnut, teak and much more. The floorboards can be chosen in 3 grades (select/ nature/rustic) and are offered in 3 surfaces (sanded/brushed/hand planed). The options from there on are vast. The length of the floorboards (up to 6,0 m) and width (from 18 - 30 cm) are individually balanced to harmonize with the environment presented by the building, style and room proportions. Other than that, the floorboards are also ideal for floor heating.